Tracks: Part 6

A short story



A numbness was filling both my body and my mind. I had been walking for some time now without really thinking about my destination. It was only when I reached the edge of the forest that I begin to realise where I was and what I was doing. But much of the fog still remained. I have no idea where I am going, or why. I feel drawn to this road and this direction, but who I know that lives this way I cannot think.

What have I been doing for the last few hours? The last thing I remember in the forest was touching that tree, how the blur became more solid. Then I was walking. Was there something else? Maybe I passed out or fell asleep. Hard to believe in this weather, but I do feel pretty rung out.

I take random turns that just feel right. People are beginning to rise, there is no rush since it is still the weekend. One more day of freedom remains for most. But I can see lights being turned on and people moving around inside their houses. I am making an effort to appear normal, and not look as if I have spent the night in the forest. I hope I am succeeding and not receiving too many strange stares from inside these homes.

Where am I? One more turn and then I see. Inside one of the homes, I recognise a face. It is just a flash, but even the way the hair flows down to her shoulders, how she almost seems to dance as she moves. Leah.

I didn’t know where she had moved to, so how did I end up here? I stop in shock, dead in front of the house. I begin to wonder how she could even afford this place, then I see him. Tall and strong, he enters the room and grabs her from behind. He seems to effortlessly lift her into the air. The joy on her face fills me with anger, unlike any I have ever known.

to be continued….

Words © Neil Hayes and neilhayeswrites

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